July 30, 2020
3 months and 21 days left
until our celebration.
Our excitement is building day by day as we plan and look forward to seeing you all again and even more excited knowing there will be some new faces attending.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for more details of the reunion before moving forward with your RSVP's, so get on the website now and click on the RSVP's so we can get an accurate head count of who's coming.

The family website has been updated with finalized hotel arrangements, cost of the Banquet dinner, as well as details on ordering T-Shirts for the upcoming Family Reunion. Please click on the Hotel information on the left  to make your room reservations and place your T-Shirt orders. Please assure accuracy on your T-Shirt orders as there will be no extras available.

One last note, please encourage your kids to sign up via RSVP on the website, for the video game competition to be held on Friday. Awards will be presented to the winners at the banquet.
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