July 27, 2023
5 months and 28 days left
until our celebration.
Hello family,
We are well underway with planning for our 2023 family reunion.  We are extremely excited to see you all again.
This web site will be updated with more details as they are developed. Start making your plans to target these dates for an awesome event.

We have made arrangements with the hosting hotel to make  your stay as comfortable as possible. Those who made reservations for the earlier planning will need to reserve rooms again. The new date is July 27th – July 30th 2023. Should any of you decide to come a day early or stay a day later, the hotel will still honor the reduced room rate.

Family members who paid for their banquet dinner in 2020, that money will be credited to your 2023 dinner.

During the banquet, we would like to recognize, members of the family who have recently achieved various levels of higher education, A.A., A.S., B.S., B.A., Masters, Doctorate etc. Please submit the names of whom you would like recognized at the banquet.
The names should be submitted to myself via email (georgee154@aol.com). Subject Line “Family Reunion Recognition”. Please include the name, level of achievment, the name of the institution, and date of reception.

Love you all,

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