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The ex-President's influence on US elections is becoming clearer by the day
In a South Florida war room, occupied most days by a party of one, a former President of the United States is plotting his return -- and his revenge.

Analysis: Republicans risk backlash as they unite against Biden's Covid relief plan
Democrats and Republicans tangled over the size and scope of Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief plan Wednesday, despite the broad public support for the package and a new push by business leaders to get it passed -- a sign of the difficulties facing the new President, who had hoped to be a bridge beyond Washington's partisan gridlock.

White House lifts Trump order on immigrant visas
President Joe Biden on Wednesday revoked a Trump-era executive order that temporarily banned some immigrant visas during the coronavirus pandemic

Biden calls on 14-year-old prodigy to tackle climate change
14-year-old Anna Hursey is still in shock after receiving a message from the U.S. Embassy to help in President Joe Biden's mission to tackle climate change. The UK Cadet No.1 table tennis player already has a role as UNFCCC Young Champion and is now set to have global recognition for her work asking for action on climate change.

Miscalculating Sinema and Manchin could end up costing Biden
The message emblazoned on the bright pink sweater Sen. Kyrsten Sinema wore presiding over the Senate this week may not have been intended specifically for the White House, but the words could still offer fair warning to the West Wing.